Automating Deployment using CI/CD Pipeline with Google Cloud Build

Lab Details:

  1. In this Lab, we will be using a Cloud source repository, the idea behind using this service is to add the development part to cloud itself in order to provide more security and availability . We will be creating a Repository and a sample project and later apply changes to some of the files in the project ,update the code and automate the build process by using Google Cloud Core Services.

  2. Region: us-central1 

  3. Duration: 45 minutes

Note: Do not refresh the page after you click Start Lab, wait for a few seconds to get the credentials.
In case while login into Google, if it asks for verification, please enter your mobile number and verify with OTP, Don't worry this Google Account will be deleted after the lab.

What is Google Cloud Build ?

Google Cloud Build service helps you to build your applications on multiple programming languages and build the applications on platforms like App Engine , Cloud Run , Kubernetes Engine according to your need.

You just have to set up triggers according to your need and it will automatically build, test and deploy the changes you did while pushing the code.

For example - you want to build a docker image everytime you push the changes to your code.

What is a  CI/CD pipeline?

Think of CI/CD Pipeline as a FlowChart in which each and every task has to be executed one after the other as soon as the previous task gets completed .

Lab Tasks:

  1. Using Cloud Source Repository for storing our code
  2. Deploying a sample application.
  3. Creating triggers in Cloud Build for automation of our Pipeline (the chain of events we want to execute) .
  4. After that we will confirm the output that we were expecting .

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