Hosting a Static Website on Cloud Storage Bucket and optimizing your website using CDN

Lab Details:

  1. This lab walks you through Hosting a Static website in Cloud Storage.

  2. Giving access permissions across the internet for the website.

  3. Creating a HTTP(s) Load balancer by attaching a backend bucket

  4. Enabling Cloud CDN for the Static Website

  5. Duration: 60 minutes


Note: Do not refresh the page after you click Start Lab, wait for a few seconds to get the credentials.
In case while login into Google, if it asks for verification, please enter your mobile number and verify with OTP, Don't worry this Google Account will be deleted after the lab.


  • This lab helps you to understand how to host the static website on Google Cloud Storage.

  • To host a static website, you need to have the relevant code for your website.

  • By having the HTML code you can simply upload all the files in the Cloud Storage bucket.

  • For optimizing your website you will be enabling the Cloud CDN by using the Load Balancer.

  • Therefore, By using the Load Balancer IP you are able to serve the website across the internet. 

Lab Tasks:

  1. Login into GCP Console.

  2. Creating a Bucket and Uploading a html file

  3. Giving public access permissions for the html file

  4. Attaching the backend bucket in the HTTP(s) Load balancer

  5. Enabling Cloud CDN for the Backend bucket

  6. Accessing the website in the internet by using the Load balancer IP

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