Introduction to Cloud CDN and enabling CDN for your objects

Lab Details:

  1. This lab walks you through the GCP Cloud Storage Bucket.

  2. Giving access permissions across the internet for all the objects

  3. Creating an HTTP(s) Load balancer by attaching a backend bucket

  4. Enabling Cloud CDN for the objects in the bucket

  5. Duration: 45 minutes

Enabling Cloud CDN in GCP:

  1. Cloud CDN can be enabled easily by checking a box while setting up the backends or the origins.

  2. Cloud CDN makes it easier to serve web and media content using Google Cloud Storage.

  3. It can be done by uploading the content to a bucket and setting up a load balancer and enabling the caching for this bucket.

  4. The maximum lifetime of the object in the cache is defined by the TTL( Time to Live)

Lab Tasks:

  1. Login into GCP Console

  2. Creating a Bucket and Uploading an object 

  3. Giving public access permissions for the objects

  4. Attaching the backend bucket in the HTTP(s) Load balancer

  5. Enabling Cloud CDN for the Backend bucket

  6. Accessing the object on the internet by using the Load balancer IP

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