Google Cloud CLI commands using Cloud Shell

Lab Details:

  1. This lab walks you through Google Cloud CLI Commands using Cloud Shell.

  2. You will be creating a VM instance and VPC network using CloudShell

  3. Duration: 45 minutes

Lab Overview:

  • Cloud Shell is a Debian-based virtual machine with 5-GB of free persistent disk storage that provides you with command-line access to your cloud resources directly from your browser.

  • You can easily manage your projects and resources without having to install Cloud SDK on your system.

  • Gcloud is the command-line interface to interact with most of the GCP Services which is preinstalled in Cloudshell. By using Gcloud you can talk to Compute Engine virtual machines, Managed Instance Groups, create a database and so on.

  • Some GCP Services have specific CLI tools for accessing the particular service. They are 

    • Cloud Storage -  gsutil

    • Big Query - bq

    • Cloud Bigtable - cbt

    • Kubernetes(for managing pods and deployments)- kubectl

  • Basically, you can use CloudShell to interact with GCP services via Command Line Interface.

Lab Tasks:

  1. Login into GCP Console.

  2. Opening and exploring CloudShell

  3. Creating a VPC using Cloud Shell

  4. Creating a VM instance using CloudShell

  5. SSH into the VM instance.

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