Serverless - Challenge

Challenge Details:

These days companies are looking for a solution to get rid of the underlying infrastructure. This will not only help them get rid of infrastructure but also scaling problems. There are many serverless services are available like App Engine, Cloud Run, Cloud Functions having their own specialities. In this lab challenge, your skills will be tested on Cloud Functions. This is an intermediate-level challenge.

Things to keep in mind:-

  1. You have to create a Cloud Function to list down all the existing VM Instances in the project. VM Instances can be in any state. You can use any runtime available. For this lab, we have created a VM Instance named whizlabs-vm

  2. As a part of the Lab challenge, no hints will be given. If you are new to Google Cloud, we recommend you go through our hands-on Labs before taking this challenge. To learn about Cloud Functions, Click on the link Why to choose Cloud Functions over App Engine and Cloud Run.

  3. Time Allowed: 60 minutes

  4. Region: us-central-1

  5. Zone: Any

After creating the Cloud Function, click on Validate Lab button, to validate if you have listed the VM Instances correctly.

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