Object Storage - Challenge

Challenge Details:

Object-based Storage is required for all companies of all sizes whether they want to provide a storage area for their employees or use it for different purposes. The Cloud Storage BUcket cannot be attached with VM Instance, it is different from block storage which works like SDD or HDD. You cannot install Operating System on Cloud Storage Bucket. In this lab challenge, your skills will be tested on uploading an object in the bucket. This is a beginner-level challenge.

Things to keep in mind:-

  1. You have to create a Storage Bucket and then upload an object.

  2. As a part of the Lab challenge, no hints will be given. If you are new to Google Cloud, we recommend you go through our hands-on Labs before taking this challenge. To learn about Google Cloud Storage Bucket, Click on the link Introduction to GCP Cloud Storage Bucket.

  3. Time Allowed: 45 minutes

  4. Location-type: Region

  5. Region: us-central-1

  6. Storage Class: Standard

After uploading the object, click on Validate Lab button, to validate if you have done everything correctly.

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