Dynamic Routing using Cloud Router

Lab Details:

  1. This lab walks you through GCP Cloud Router.

  2. Region: us-central1

  3. Duration: 45 minutes

Note: Do not refresh the page after you click Start Lab, wait for a few seconds to get the credentials.
In case while login into Google, if it asks for verification, please enter your mobile number and verify with OTP, Don't worry this Google Account will be deleted after the lab.

What is Cloud Router?

  • Cloud Router can't be used by itself but it is required for Cloud NAT or Interconnect or VPN.

  • From Fig1: Let's understand the concept with the help of the below architecture. Consider you have a VPC Network on Google Cloud and an On-premise office network that was connected using VPN Gateway. After a few days, a new network is added to the on-premise network with a name server network. Now you have to add static routes to the routing table in Google Cloud manually and also you need to re-configure your VPN. This is still fine but considers a case when a new network is added quite frequently or the network is destroyed. Same you have to do manually.

  • From Fig2: Now, Cloud Router helps you overcome the above problem by automatically adding dynamic routes. Cloud Router peers with on-premise VPN Gateway or Router. The routers exchange topology information through BGP(Border Gateway Protocol). The Cloud Router advertises subnets from its VPC Network to the on-premise gateway via BGP. By doing this, any topology changes will be propagated automatically between your VPC and on-premise network. The Cloud Router learns on-premise routes through BGP.

  • From Fig3: Users don't sense disruptions, as you see if a link fails to VM1, Cloud Router can automatically re-route traffic if a path is available.

Lab Tasks:

  1. Creating a GCP Cloud Router.

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