Creating and Using Custom Service Accounts

Lab Details:

  1. This lab walks you through Creating and Using Custom Service Accounts.

  2. Duration: 45 minutes

Note: Do not refresh the page after you click Start Lab, wait for up to 45 seconds to get the credentials.
In case while login into Google, if it asks for verification, please enter your mobile number and verify with OTP, Don't worry this Google Account will be deleted after the lab.

What is a Service Account?

  • Let's understand with the help of an example. Service Account works just like an IAM Member. Creating a service account is just like adding a member to your project, but the service account belongs to your applications rather than an individual end-user.

  • There are two types of Service Accounts i.e. Default Service Account which is created when you enable the APIs in the project, another one is Custom Service Account which is user-defined.

  • For default service accounts - scopes are defined that means which services it can access. This is a legacy method.

  • For Custom service accounts - scopes are not there, instead, permissions are there, you can give permission to service account like Viewer Access

  • Simply, Service accounts are used for Service to service communication.

Lab Tasks:

  1. Creating a Custom Service Account.

  2. Creating a VM Instance using the custom service account.

  3. Listing of the object in the bucket from the CLI.

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