Adding Data Disk via Console

Lab Details

  1. In this lab we will walk through the steps on how to add data disks to your existing Virtual Machine.

  2. Duration: 60 minutes


What is a Virtual Machine?

  • A virtual machine (VM) is a virtual environment that functions as a virtual computer system with its own CPU, memory, network interface, and storage, created on a physical hardware system (located off- or on-premises).

  • VMs allow multiple different operating systems to run simultaneously on a single computer

  • A VM provides an environment that is isolated from the rest of a system, so whatever is running inside a VM won’t interfere with anything else running on the host hardware.

What is Azure site recovery?

  • A data disk is a managed disk that's attached to a virtual machine to store application data, or other data you need to keep.

  • The data-disk provides more disk space, while the size of the root-disk is fixed (and some of them are already taken by the OS).

  • When your application and data grow and need more space, you can just upgrade the plan, and the data-disk space (where your application and data are located) will be upgraded.

Task Details

  1. Launching Lab Environment

  2. Create a virtual machine

  3. Allow RDP traffic via NSG rules

  4. Create a Data Disk.

  5. Attach a data disk to a virtual machine.