Understanding Azure Key Vault

Lab Details

  1. In this lab, you will be creating and working with key vault and also understand about access policies and how to use it.

  2. Duration: 45 minutes


What is Azure Key Vault?

  • Azure Key Vault allows the users to instantly store and access the sensitive information in a secured manner.

  • This cloud service acts as a single central storage for all the secured information which the users can retrieve using specific permissions.

  • The secured information can be in the form of passwords, certificates, API or cryptographic keys.

  • The Azure Key Vault has an uptime of at least 99.99%.

  • With Azure Key Vault, any tasks related to SSL/TLS certificates can be simplified and automated.

  • Certificates can be automatically renewed from supported public Certificate Authorities through Key vault.

Task Details

  1. Launching Lab Environment

  2. Create a new Key Vault

  3. Create a Key

  4. Create a secret

  5. Access properties of key via Powershell