Azure Challenge - Deploying Software with VM Extensions


  1. Good knowledge of Azure services

    • Azure Virtual Machine

    • VM Extension

  2. Laptop

  3. Internet Browser

  4. Internet Connection

Cloud Challenge Details

In this lab challenge, your Azure Virtual Machine knowledge is put to the test. You'll be given a requirement and you have to reach it using your knowledge of Azure VM and other Azure services relevant to working with Azure Virtual Machine. The Lab Challenge helps you understand real-time scenarios.

A company XYZ is deploying a new web application on Azure VM. As a part of infrastructure, they need to deploy Network Watcher Agent for Windows VM.

  1. Create an Azure Windows VM with Windows Server 2019 Datacenter - Gen2 as image.

  2. Deploy Network Watcher Agent for Windows extension using VM extension property.

  3. RDP into Windows Virtual Machine

  4. Verify whether Network Watcher Agent for Windows is deployed or not. To check go to Server Manager -> Tools -> Services if you can see the Azure Network Watcher Agent is running then you completed the lab challenge.