Create a Storage Account

Lab Details

  • In this Lab walkthrough, you will create a storage account and know about the interesting things that are required to know while creating a storage account
  • Duration: 30 Minutes


  • An Azure storage account contains all of your Azure Storage data objects like blobs, file shares, queues, tables, and disks. 

  • The name of the storage account should be unique, the reason is, We access anything from the storage account via HTTP or HTTPS, for that you should have a unique URL

    • Ex: If you name the storage account as whizlabs1857 and the container blob name as demo. The name of the file that you have uploaded in the blob container is demo1.txt

    • The URL allocated to access that particular file would be



  1. Login to Azure Portal

  2. Understand the performance, redundancy, and access tiers you need to choose

  3. Filling in the details of the storage account

  4. Completion of Creating the Storage Account