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Amazon RDS Challenge - #100DaysOfCloud


  1. Good knowledge on AWS services
    • Amazon RDS
    • Security Groups
    • AWS KMS
  2. Laptop
  3. Internet Browser
  4. Internet connection

Challenge Instructions

  1. Region : Make sure to use us-east-1 region to create all the resources.
  2. You will be provided with the requirements of the challenge. If you are new to AWS Cloud, we recommend you go through our hands-on Labs before taking this challenge.
  3. Challenge Duration60 minutes
  4. A total of 3 attempts will be allowed for each participant. However, only the first attempt will be considered for the final winner announcement.

How to submit the challenge

  1. After building the infrastructure, click on Validate button, to validate if you have built the required infrastructure and completed the challenge successfully.
  2. Validation status
    • Success - You have completed the challenge successfully.
    • Failed - You have failed to complete the challenge.
  3. Once you have successfully validated the challenge, click on End Lab.
  4. Go to My Dashboard and search for the challenge - Configure a Dev/Test Amazon RDS for MySQL DB Instance v8.0
  5. Make sure From Date is selected as 4 Aug 2021. Do not select the To Date.
  6. Click on the Print Report to generate the PDF. 
    • Make sure you clicked on the End Lab before generating the PDF.
  7. Email the PDF to [email protected], with the subject - #100DayOfCloud Lab Challenge 2

  8. In case of any issue, contact us immediately, grace time will be given to you. Drop us an email with the issue screenshot [email protected].
  9. On successful completion of the challenge, 200 points will be added to your #100DaysOfCloud scoreboard within 48 hours.
  10. Get BONUS 200 points on doing the following steps:
    • Share your Validation Score Screenshot on Twitter/Linkedin
    • Tag 5 friends, inviting them to take up the challenge
    • Use the correct hashtags and tag Whizlabs in your post so we can add your BONUS score.

Cloud Challenge Details

In this lab challenge, your Amazon RDS skills are put to the test. You'll be given a requirement and you have to reach it using your knowledge of Amazon RDS and other AWS services relevant to working with RDS. The Lab Challenge helps you understand real-time scenario.

A company XYZ is deploying a new web application. As a part of infrastructure, they need a database for their Testing Environment. Now your challenge is to build them a database with the below requirements. You need to configure a Dev/Test Amazon RDS environment for MySQL DB instance (v8.0).

  1. Create a custom DB parameter group. Use this parameter during DB instance creation. 

  2. Create a custom AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) key with Symmetric key type. Use this key during DB instance creation.

  3. Create a VPC security group that allows MySQL port from the source Use this security group during DB instance creation.

  4. Create an Amazon RDS DB instance with db.t3.micro. Make sure to use the resources created in Task 1, 2 & 3.

  5. Take a manual RDS DB snapshot of the RDS DB Instance.

  6. Click on Validate to complete the challenge.