Update CloudFormation stack by creating Change set

Lab Details

  1. This lab walks you through the steps to understand a sample CloudFormation template and update the CloudFormation stack as per the requirements.

  2. You will practice using Amazon Machine Images to launch Amazon EC2 Instances and change the instance type as part of the update, replace port 22 with port 80 and finally display the private IP of the EC2 instance as output. All these updates will be created as Change set.

  3. Duration: 90 minutes

  4. AWS Region: US East (N. Virginia) us-east-1

Architecture Diagram

Task Details

  1. Launching Lab Environment

  2. Copy the S3 Object URL of the Sample template to create CloudFormation stack

  3. Create a CloudFormation stack using a template present in an S3 bucket.

  4. Create a Change set for the CloudFormation stack

  5. Check the updates and changes applied

  6. Validation of the lab

  7. Delete CloudFormation Stack

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