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Creating Cloud9 IDE and Running Scripts

Lab Details

  1. This lab walks you through the steps to create an AWS Cloud9 EC2 development environment and run python code in the environment.

  2. You will practice using AWS Cloud9.

  3. Duration: 30 minutes

  4. AWS Region: US East (N. Virginia) us-east-1


AWS Cloud9

  1. AWS Cloud9 is an integrated development environment or IDE.

  2. The AWS Cloud9 IDE offers a rich code-editing experience with support for several programming languages and runtime debuggers. It also has a built-in terminal with a preconfigured CLI.

  3. It contains a collection of tools that you use to code, build, run, test, and debug software.

How does AWS Cloud9 Work?

  1. We use the AWS Cloud9 IDE, running in a web browser on your local computer, to interact with your AWS Cloud9 environment.

  2. A computing resource like an EC2 Instance or our own server connects to that environment.

  3. Our work is stored in an AWS CodeCommit repository or another type of remote repository.

Architecture Diagram

Task Details

  1. Log into the AWS Management Console.

  2. Create an AWS Cloud9 development environment.

  3. Go through the Cloud9 IDE.

  4. Install Python using the terminal.

  5. Create a python file and add the code.

  6. Run the python file.

  7. Validation of the lab

  8. Deleting AWS Resources