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Chatbot using Amazon Lex and store bot response in DynamoDB

Lab Details

  1. This lab walks you through creating a sample chatbot using Amazon Lex Responses to the user are stored in DynamoDB, which is passed to the chatbot using AWS Lambda . We will also test through the AWS management console.

  2. Duration: 45 minutes

  3. AWS Region: US East (N. Virginia) us-east-1

Architecture Diagram

Task Details

  1. Log in to the AWS Management Console.

  2. Create an IAM Role

  3. Create a DynamoDB

  4. Inserting Data into the DynamoDB Table

  5. Create a Lambda function

  6. Configure Test Event

  7. Creating a Bot

  8. Creating an Intent

  9. Build the Bot

  10. Testing your bot.

  11. Validation of the lab