Deploying sample Node.js application with AWS OpsWorks

Lab Details

  1. This lab walks you through the creation of AWS OpsWorks Stack which creates Layer and sample Node.js application. Then you will start the instance and deploy the application on the instance.

  2. You will be using the Public DNS of the instance to see the Sample Node.js application in the browser.

  3. Duration: 60 minutes

  4. AWS Region: US East (N. Virginia) us-east-1


What is AWS OpsWorks?

  • To help you configure and operate applications that use Chef or Puppet for cloud enterprise, you can use a configure management service called OpsWorks.

  • With AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate, you can use Chef solutions and Chef cookbooks for configuration management.

  • To create a Puppet Enterprise master server you can use OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise.

  • To create and manage stack in a simple and flexible way, we can use OpsWorks.

  • To work with OpsWorks we start from creating templates for common technologies like Node.js, PHP, Java and Ruby, or you can build your own custom Chef recipes for installing software packages or to perform the task specified in the script. 

  • It can also scale your application using types of instances it has, i.e. Automatic load-based or time-based.

  • It replaces the failed instances by maintaining the health of your applications.

  • You get full control of automation and deployment for each of the components present in OpsWorks.

  • Full-stack applications with AWS Resources are created by Stacks.

  • To manage cloud resources, inside stack there is a specialized group called Layers.

  • Soft limit for a new AWS account is 40, which means you can create 40 stacks.

  • On each Stack you can create upto 40 layers, 40 instances and 40 apps.

  • You can replace CloudFormation with OpsWorks if your application needs to be deployed on EC2 instances. 

  • In case your application is using AWS resources and services along with EC2, you use a combination of OpsWorks and CloudFormation.

  • Alternatives to OpsWorks:

    • AWS Elastic Beanstalk

    • AWS CloudFormation

    • AWS CodeDeploy

    • Terraform

    • Ansible

Architecture Diagram


Task Details

  1. Launching Lab Environment.

  2. Create an OpsWorks stack.

  3. Start the instance and deploy the App on it.

  4. Test the application using Public DNS.

  5. Validation of the lab

  6. Deleting AWS Resources