Amazon CloudWatch Challenge


  1. Good knowledge of AWS services
    • Amazon CloudWatch
    • Amazon EC2 Instances
  2. Laptop
  3. Internet Browser
  4. Internet connection

Challenge Instructions

  1. Region : Make sure to use us-east-1 region to create all the resources.
  2. You will be provided with the requirements of the challenge. If you are new to AWS Cloud, we recommend you go through our hands-on Labs before taking this challenge.
  3. Challenge Duration60 minutes

How to submit the challenge

  1. After building the infrastructure, click on Validate button, to validate if you have built the required infrastructure and completed the challenge successfully.
  2. Validation status
    • Success - You have completed the challenge successfully.
    • Failed - You have failed to complete the challenge.
  3. Once you have successfully validated the challenge, click on End Lab.

Cloud Challenge Details

In this lab challenge, your Amazon CloudWatch and EC2 Instance skills are put to the test. You'll be given a requirement and you have to reach it using your knowledge of Amazon CloudWatch and other AWS services relevant to working with CloudWatch and EC2 The Lab Challenge helps you understand the real-time scenarios.

A company XYZ is deploying a new web application. As a part of the infrastructure, they need to look for additional metrics to confirm if everything is working fine in their Testing Environment. Now your challenge is to install the CloudWatch agent and get custom metric data.

  1. Create an IAM role with EC2 as a use-case and Select CloudWatchAgentServerPolicy as Policy. You will attach this role with EC2 Instance.

  2. Launch an EC2 Instance having Amazon Linux 2 as AMI, t2.micro as Instance type, Select the IAM role present CloudWatchAgentServerRole and Create a Key pair of type RSA required for SSH.

  3. SSH into EC2 Instance using Key pair.

  4. Download and install the CloudWatch agent.

  5. Configure and start the CloudWatch agent.

  6. View the metrics generated by EC2 Instance in the CloudWatch Metrics. All of these metrics will be present custom namespace called CWAgent.

  7. Click on Validate to complete the challenge.